Even though they share a deep history and culture, Koreans are divided into two separate nations: South and North Korea. Today, North Korea faces serious challenges inside the country, including widespread hunger and violations of human rights.

Many people in North Korea dream of a better life, and some are even brave enough to risk everything, crossing dangerous lands to find freedom. It's a journey filled with dangers, and only the ones who can get through these perilous areas find the freedom they are seeking.

One person who managed to escape is Kang Chun-hyok. Now safe and free, he uses his art to share his dreams and hopes with the world.

Through his artistry, he wants to inspire people and bring attention to the hardships faced by North Koreans. Kang believes in speaking out about justice, and he won't stop until his message touches people's hearts. He dreams of the day when all North Koreans can experience true freedom, just like he did. He imagines a future where everyone in Korea, whether from the North or the South, can live freely, visit each other, and enjoy freedom together. He's fighting for a world where he and others can fully embrace their freedom without any barriers.

His forearm bears the powerful words “Spring Revolution” and “19980309 for the freedom,” a permanent reminder of his fight.